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We finally got it done!

Sure it was little later than planned, and we struggled through post-convention plagues and other challenges to get it launched. I had to record the video twice with Rob and Jonathan just to get the sound volume right, escaping booth duty at PAX to do so.

This is a little different than the Kickstarters that Fire Opal Media and Moon Design Publications have done before. With two companies participating, and a few extra timezones added in, there were some added complexities that a single company wouldn’t have. Still, I think it will get us to a much better set of products in the end.

We’ll be adding more details as the Kickstarter continues, and if you haven’t pledged click on the image below to support us.

13th Age in Glorantha Kickstarter

All is good, and as I head to bed on the first night of the Kickstarter we have already reached almost 75% of our goal! Our fans are the best! Thank you all!

Welcome to 13th Age in Glorantha!
You did it!

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