We can try. As we see good questions from any media source we will add them here so others can get the answers too. Some of the answers may even be correct.

When will 13th Age in Glorantha be released?

When it is done.

We are hoping to complete it in June of 2015, but there are many factors that could impact that. If you joined the Kickstarter, you will get draft versions and be able to track our progress.

How compatible is 13th Age in Glorantha with the 13th Age Rules System?

13th Age Compatibility Logo

Good question.

13th Age in Glorantha is being released under the 13th Age compatibility license and relies on the 13th Age Core Rulebook for its rule system.

What did you expect? We wrote the rules too.

Can I use my other 13th Age products with 13th Age in Glorantha?

Yes. Next question please.

Your Glorantha will vary, and if that means you want to bring traditionally non-Gloranthan monsters into the world, go ahead. With some creative re-skinning, you can easily make them more Gloranthan, and you’ll find examples of this approach in the book.

What about HeroQuest Glorantha?

HeroQuest Glorantha is the Moon Design Publication’s house system from Glorantha. It is a simple and flexible system designed for play in the World of Glorantha. We see 13th Age in Glorantha as another option to fit a gaming group’s play style, especially those more comfortable with D20-style class-based systems.

There is some good news for HeroQuest Glorantha players: the myths provided in 13th Age in Glorantha can be easily adapted to HeroQuest Glorantha as well.

What about RuneQuest 6?

RuneQuest and 13th Age in Glorantha are two very different game engines and provide different ways to experience Glorantha. RuneQuest is the traditional rules system for Glorantha. For you RuneQuest fans, Design Mechanism is working on RuneQuest: Adventures in Glorantha for RuneQuest 6 as we speak. RuneQuest is the rules engine with the longest association with Glorantha and we are excited to see an updated treatment of it!

How do 13th Age and Glorantha fit together license-wise?

Moon Design Publishing, the owner and publisher of Glorantha, is the publisher of 13th Age in Glorantha. 13th Age in Glorantha is published under the 13th Age Compatibility license with use of the 13th Age logo under direct license from Fire Opal Media and Pelgrane Press. 13th Age and associated marks and logos are trademarks of Fire Opal Media Inc., and are used under license. See 13thAge.com for more information on the 13th Age Roleplaying Game. The 13th Age Roleplaying game is published under exclusive license to Pelgrane Press Ltd.