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I’m to blame for this project. Well, partly. 13th Age in Glorantha is a project very near and dear to my heart.

For 20+ years, I have been living a double-life with my gaming friends. The Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set was the first system I bought and the first I played, followed closely by RuneQuest 2. I got into Glorantha through RQ2 and have followed a passion for that world that led me to travel the world attending Glorantha conventions, run one of my own, and finally into joining the Moon Design Publishing team.

But often the problem was finding local people to game in Glorantha. My friends in University always played Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. They were willing to play in many different fantasy worlds, but any attempt to switch rule systems met with failure, and the D&D systems really didn’t seem to work in Glorantha – rules seems to trump how we presented the world. Really powerful Glorantha magic is cast with long-running rituals, not a single wizardly character. It just didn’t feel right.

Fast forward 20 years. Different gaming group, different country, same issue. My gaming co-workers at my “day job” played D&D in college. They’ll let me run Gloranthan games, but like to use a rules system they are familiar with, and I’m not really a GM at heart.

I’ve known Rob Heinsoo since his Chaosium days. Several years ago Jeff Richard and I gamed with him in a Gloranthan campaign using the HeroQuest rules, with Jonathan Tweet coming to a few sessions as well. When 13th Age came out I devoured the rules. We cornered Rob at Gen Con last year and asked about doing a Gloranthan version. The seed was sown, even if Rob was tied up with other commitments.

I did a trial run with my gaming group, essentially re-skinning the 13th Age classes to make them fit more into Glorantha. None of them had played 13th Age, nor knew about Glorantha, but they had no trouble with either. The magic fit, the combat flowed, and the players really enjoyed learning about the staggering depth of Glorantha and the myths.

That’s what this project is all about. Bringing Greg Stafford’s incredible world of Glorantha to the gamers comfortable with the d20 systems.

Now, my players are constantly asking me when they can play another game in Glorantha using 13th Age rules. Well, they need wait no longer.

So please, read “What is 13th Age in Glorantha“, register for news, sign up for the KickStarter, and enjoy the ride. I know my gaming group will.

Neil Robinson

Director of Operations, Moon Design Publishing

13th Age in Glorantha Kickstarter is Live!

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