13th Age in Glorantha is a new role-playing supplement that combines the Ennie-winning 13th Age rule system with Greg Stafford’s mythic world of Glorantha.

Venn Diagram - 13th Age and Glorantha

13th Age in Glorantha is a supplement for 13th Age. The classes, monsters, and rules appearing in the book will be compatible with existing 13th Age campaigns while being focused on the myth-centered world of Glorantha created by Greg Stafford.

As a supplement, 13th Age in Glorantha does not repeat the rules presented in the 13th Age core rulebook.

What is 13th Age?

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13th Age is an OGL d20-rolling game that’s built to help your campaign generate great stories. It is targeted towards experienced games masters and players of all levels of roll-playing experience. 13th Age offers straightforward rules that promote dramatic, exciting combats while integrating deep relationships to campaign faction through icons.

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What is Glorantha?

Glorantha is a world of mythic fantasy, where mythology is real. It is a bronze age setting where the world really is flat and the sun travels each day across the Sky Dome only to descend into the Underworld each night. Countless gods and goddesses rule the powers and elements. But what gods create, they can destroy. The Gods War came within a sword-stroke of ending the universe, until Orlanth and his Lightbringers rescued the sun from hell and brought forth the Cosmic Compromise that created Time. Exiled from the world by the Compromise, the gods could only watch as Chaos tore a place for itself in the heart of the cosmos, entering the world wearing the beautiful mask of a goddess shaped like a Red Moon.

Map of Glorantha

Glorantha was first introduced in 1975 when Greg Stafford and Chaosium brought out the board game White Bear, Red Moon, followed in 1980 by the role-playing game RuneQuest. For over 35 years, generations of gamers have enjoyed playing board games, computer games, role-playing games, LARPs, novels and more in the mythic world, most only scratching the surface of its detail.

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What is the Setting for 13th Age in Glorantha?

Boldhome, Capital of Sartar during an all-to-common thunderstorm

This game takes place in Dragon Pass, a magical land perched between mountain ranges formed from the scales of long-dead continent-sized dragons. For generations, Dragon Pass has been dominated by human clans that rely on the goddess of Earth, Ernalda, and her consort, the god of Storm, Orlanth, to fight off the trolls, dragonewts, and beastfolk who once ruled the land. But now the Red Goddess’ Lunar Empire rises in the north. Chaos corrupts the land and invades the sacred myths that shape reality. Can the heroes of Dragon Pass retake their myths and remake their home?

Longtime fans of Glorantha can set their game in any era or alternate timeline of Dragon Pass. Newcomers to the world can play with a default setting that builds around a few pillars of Gloranthan lore akin to the sparsely detailed icons and cities of the Dragon Empire in the 13th Age rulebook.


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