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You can begin to experience 13th Age in Glorantha from the beginning by supporting our Kickstarter. All Kickstarter backers will have access to draft editions of 13th Age in Glorantha.

We’ll be mailing key announcements like the Kickstarter details on our mailing list. As the project proceeds, we’ll continue to provide more information including special previews.

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Try to meet us in Person

We’ll be attending several conventions throughout they year and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions. We are confirmed at the following conventions:

Gen Con – Indianapolis, IN – August 14-17th, 2014

Gen Con logo

“The Best Four Days in Gaming™”, Gen Con is a premier gaming convention held annually in Indianapolis, Indiana. Gen Con where you can first talk to us about 13th Age in Glorantha.

Stop by Moon Design Publications at booth 337 and also visit Rob Heinsoo and Pelgrane Press at booth 101.

The Kraken – Scholoss Neuhausen, Germany – August 20th-25th, 2014

Kraken Gaming Vacation

More like a gaming vacation than a traditional convention, Kraken is an intimate event of international gamers with a focus on game design and a more relaxed pace.

With Moon Design Publishing’s Jeff Richard living a few hours away, you’ll be sure to see him there and get the opportunity to see what the excitement is all about.

PAX Prime – Seattle, WA – August 29th – September 1st, 2014

PAX Prime Logo

PAX Prime is a convention for gamers, by gamers. The biggest convention in the Seattle, Washington area, it is also the home of Fire Open Media and Moon Design West.

Visit the 13th Age in Glorantha booth on the third floor of the Motif hotel where where PAX is holding tabletop gaming.

The Eternal Convention – Castle Stahleck, Bacharach, Germany – May 22-25, 2015

Tower image from the Eternal Convention

It is a role-playing convention in a frigging castle! In Germany! With a glorious view of the Rhine! Do you really need any other reason to go?

But if that isn’t enough, come to the location that’s been home to role-playing conventions for 20 years. All of the Moon Design Publishing Team will be there, as with 13th Age in Glorantha

Catch us online

Not everyone can manage to attend a conventions, but everyone reading this has internet access. Just because you can’t see 13th Age in Glorantha in person is no reason to miss out. We are pushing to get everything online.



We’ll be with any news about 13th Age in Glorantha.


Glorantha Logo is the site for all things Gloranthan. The primary website for Moon Design Publishing, it hosts active and friendly forums, an online store, many articles, and a large Gloranthan wiki.

It is a good home for people new to Glorantha and those that want to debate the esoteric details, or look at the HeroQuest gaming system.


13th Age Logo

Pelgrane Press is the publisher of 13th Age and hosts the 13th Age website. You can find a wealth of information on 13th Age and other Pelgrane Press products.

Social Media

We’ll be sharing information through social media, with lots of places to join.


The Glorantha Facebook page.

Google+ for Glorantha

The Glorantha Google+ community page.

13th Age Twitter Feed

The 13th Age Twitter feed.


The 13th Age Facebook page.

Google+ for Glorantha

The 13th Age Google+ community page.

Discussion Forums

And for depth discussions, try the 13th Age in Glorantha forums.

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