You should try 13th Age in Glorantha because of the cultural depth and gaming flexibility it affords you.

Venn Diagram showing 13th Age in Glorantha in the center of three circles titled: Stories & Myths, Swords & Sorcery, and Fun RPG Experience

13th Age in Glorantha has something for 13th Age gamer, the Gloranthan scholar, and everyone else with an interest in an excellent gaming experience.

You have a vibrant full campaign world, with lots to adapt into your existing campaign as well.

Stories & Myths

Glorantha is living, breathing mythology. Myths and stories are the source of Glorantha’s power, its Runes a perfect language of magic symbols.In Glorantha, the deeds of heroes echo and give meaning to the timeless myth of the gods.

No fantasy setting has as deep or as well-constructed mythology as does Glorantha – and 13th Age in Glorantha invites you to discover the stories of the feud between the gods of Sun and Storm, and of the Lightbringers’ Quest to revive the dead world and bring forth the Dawn. You can experience the secrets of I Fought, We Won battle or suffer the lost unity of the Golden Age.

Sword & Sorcery

Glorantha is a place where sandal-clad heroes and bronze sword-wielding heroines can serve as mercenaries of the gods or try to carve their kingdoms out of the turmoil of the Hero Wars. It is a place where dark trolls call upon the powers of the Underworld to avenge ancient defeats, or where enigmatic dragonewts raise new empires only to topple them for their own cryptic reasons. It is a setting of raw and epic fantasy, with mighty empires and rebellious kings, desert nomads riding strange beasts. and new religions that threaten to shatter the old world.

Fun RPG experience

13th Age is a D20-based fantasy roleplaying game with elegant storytelling gears. It has received raved reviews for being wonderfully presented, full of flavor and brimming with great ideas. It was written by Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet, who not only are two of the best D20 writers around, but also long-time fans of Glorantha!

Along with the Gloranthan setting, 13th Age in Glorantha will introduce several new 13th Age classes, monsters and more that can be used in any campaign.

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