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“Funded with Kickstarter” says it all, and to the tune of $116,150.00.

Truly awesome!

And we have you, the backers and fans, to thank for it. Thanks to reaching the stretch goals we’ll see Zorak Zorani Troll Berserks, Eurmali Tricksters, and be facing Chaos the likes of which we haven’t see except in Dorastor.

This is Rob’s latest update on the Kickstarter:

What an amazing month that was!

Thank you for your support, for great questions, for sharing word of the project, and for being good company.

We are going to take a couple days off. We’ll be back with news on our plans for post-project funding and on the website we’ll use as the spot for most new information, since we don’t want to clutter your inboxes whenever we have things to say.

Everyone at Moon Design and Fire Opal is honored. Thanks for helping us make Greg’s world into a world we can all play in a new way.

And Jeff Richard says:

Wow, what a wonderful ride! $116,150! My heartfelt thanks to all of you – I guarantee Rob, Jonathan, and I won’t disappoint! I am tremendously excited about these books – and I think even old Glorantha grognards are going to get some surprises! Having Prince Argrath and his Tricksters around lets us change not just the political geography, but a lot of other assumptions.

After the Kickstarter and convention season, the team is getting ready to focus on getting the books written, with Rob and Jonathan on 13th Age in Glorantha and Jeff on point for the Glorantha Source Book. Me? I’ll be looking at how we can accept preorders, let people manage their pledges, and catch the people that missed the Kickstarter. Oh yeah, and playtesting… lots of playtesting.

It is a great time to be in gaming!


13th Age in Glorantha Kickstarter is Live!

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